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Tucked amongst countless majestic and remote lakes in the Northwest region of Manitoba is the historic community of Lynn Lake.  Guests from all over the world come to Lynn Lake to enjoy the world-class fishing and hunting.   These guests know that while Lynn Lake is off the beaten track, it is well worth the trip.

Driving to Lynn Lake

Winnipeg to Thompson:

From Manitoba’s capital city of Winnipeg, take Provincial Highway 6 until you reach Thompson.  There are 24 hour gas stations in the communities of Ashern, Grand Rapids, and Ponton on the way.  The distance you will travel is approximately 738 kilometers (466 miles) on a paved, well-maintained highway.  Cellular service is intermittent along the route, and stops beyond Thompson.

Thompson to Lynn Lake:

Fill up with fuel in Thompson and ensure your vehicle is in good working order (i.e. properly inflated tires, oil and coolant levels, etc.).  In the event of an emergency, it is advisable to bring extra fuel during the winter, along with warm clothes, candles, blankets, a shovel, an axe, matches, a first aid kit, and high energy food.  The distance between Thompson and Lynn Lake is approximately 322 km (185 miles) on Highway 391, which is paved and gravel.  Driving times vary according to driving conditions and your vehicle.  Animals, such as moose, deer, and elk frequently walk onto the road and are nighttime driving hazards.

For any other information, please contact the Community Economic Development Officer for the Town of Lynn Lake at 204-356-4203 or at info@lynnlake.ca