Lynn Lake Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP) being Established

The Town of Lynn Lake held meetings in February and March to establish a Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP) where citizens look out for each other’s families and property and alert the police to any suspicious activities or crime in progress in an effort to deter and reduce crime. Here is a description of what a COPP member does and the benefits of volunteering in this program:

By starting a Citizens on Patrol Program, the groups will be provided, free of charge, equipment and materials to do their patrols and promote the program. This includes things such as safety vests, flashlights, notebooks, signs, magnetic signs for their patrol vehicle, toques, brochures, posters, t-shirts, and ball caps. Members use own vehicles to patrol, or they walk or ride bikes. Patrols must be done with 2 people or more for safety reasons.

Those interested in participating have been advised to complete a Criminal Record CheckVulnerable Sector Verification, and sign a Volunteer Letter of Agreement. These forms are available to be picked up at the Town Office, the RCMP Detachment, or from the hyperlinks above. For those participating in the program the fees for these checks are waived. Completed forms should be brought to the RCMP Detachment with two pieces of government ID that combined include your date of birth, a photo, and address. Once the checks are completed you will be contacted by the RCMP to pick up the results. The results of the check can also be sent to the Town Office if this is indicated under part 2 of the form, under the signature, where there is a box stating that the results can be sent to the Town Office if Matthew Aequitus is written in the field.

Note: If a potential COPP member’s Criminal Record Search or Vulnerable Sector Verification reveals a charge, warrant or conviction, or a pardon for a conviction, the decision on whether or not they may become a member of the program will be recommended by the local enforcement agency.  As the Group Coordinator and the Provincial Coordinator do not have access to the details of the report, a recommendation is required from the law enforcement agency. A previous conviction will not necessarily disqualify anyone from participating in the program if an offence is not deemed to be relevant to participation.

A trainer from the Citizens on Patrol Program will likely come up to Lynn Lake at the end of May or early June. These checks will need to be completed before you can participate in the training and should be completed at your earliest convenience. Anyone who has not indicated interest in participating at the previous meetings will need to contact Matthew Aequitus at the Town Office (204-356-4203 or to be added to the list of interested individuals, so that the fees for their criminal records check and vulnerable persons check can be waived.

With your participation we can make the community a safer and better place to live.

For any questions, please contact Lynn Lake’s Community Economic Development Officer Matthew Aequitus at 204-356-4203 or

Lynn Lake By-Election – February 3, 2016

A by-election will be taking place Wednesday, February 3, 2016 from 8am until 8pm to fill a vacant Town Council position. Two candidates have been nominated:

– Brandon Dulewich
– Patricia MacDonald


A person may be required to produce one piece of government issued photo identification (for example – driver’s license or passport) or at least two other documents that provide proof of identity.

* Please contact Senior Elections Official Marie Lewis at if you are interested in being a scrutineer for the by-election.