It’s official! Tom Cochrane is coming to Lynn Lake as part of his 25th anniversary North American Tour.

Thank you for your interest.

We are very excited and look forward to this event.

Exact venue, price and amount of tickets will be decided as planning continues to develop.

We anticipate a large volume of inquiries, so emails will be answered in order in which they are received.

By emailing us, you have indicated your interest and will be added to our distribution list.


Keisha Davis | Economic Development Officer | Town of Lynn Lake
(T) +1 (204) 356-4203 | (E)

Comments (32)

  • Kathy Parnell

    Awesome news! I am definitely interested! Good time for a reunion, I’d say!

  • Kathy Parnell

    Awesome! I am definitely interested! Great time for a reunion, I’d say!

  • Ingrid Bennett

    Awesome hope I can be there

  • Morris Parenteau

    Sounds like a good idea Kathy, will be there for sure. Say hi to the family.

  • Linda O'keefe

    Oh yes

  • Nicki Dinsdale

    I would say a reunion is long overdue! Time to plan a road trip.

  • Anna Mulessa

    Count me in 🙂 I come home every summer to Lynn Lake with the exception of this summer due to a broken hip and surgery. My Mum, Karen Cathcart will be excited !!!

  • Jenny Compton Brian Scott

    It’s the best concert can’t wait Jenny

  • Robbie Limoges

    Does Lynn Lake have a taxi service to take people to Berge, Zed or Leaf

  • Graham Edwards

    I’ll be there !!!

  • Leanne Dupuis

    Who could not miss such an event. Good times with good friends!

  • Norman Davy

    Sounds like a good time I was in lynn lake two years ago and I would love to come back for the concert.

  • Norman Davy

    Sounds like a good reason to party.and maybe even some FISHING.

  • Luanne Whitmarsh

    I am psyched! I will be there!

  • Alice Gorzen

    Coming for this. .keep me informed on prices please ☺

  • Lois gorzen

    I will be there along with gotten clan .. keep me posted on how much the tickets are and when they go on sale please

  • Mike Whitmarsh

    It’s 27 yrs since I left, looking forward to getting together one last time.

  • Mike Whitmarsh

    Interesting! good reason to come and visit after 27 yrs.

  • Joan Reierson Fraser

    Some of my friends an I already have our rooms booked for this exciting event. Would really appreciate if you could let me know when tickets are available and I will get the money for them to you ASAP. Sure don’t want to miss out. Thanks very much.
    Joan Fraser

  • Lauriane Chateauneuf

    Why isn’t this concert listed on Tom Cochrane’s website? He is in Saskatoon on August 19. Second question when will tickets be available and last are their hotel/motel room available for that weekend?

  • Hank Pelley

    Think my wife and I will be there

  • Tyson Deslauriers

    Definitely coming up for this!

  • Ron & Katie Buchanan

    Planning on it

  • Greg & Tami Hentges

    Want tickets!!!!! Need 2 of them please!!

  • Darlene klassen

    I am hoping to make it. Haven’t been back since 1989.


    please advise when tickets are available



  • Cindy

    Definitely interested in this!!! Wooohooooooo. ..homecoming!!!

  • Louella Parenteau

    let me know about tickets, will definitely be there, can not wait to see everyone again, sure miss Lynn.

  • Katen

    WTF…it’s not free???He is rich …OMG…Tom don’t charge for this event….pass around the love

  • Lesley Ballantyne

    How do I purchase tickets?

  • Trudy Johnston

    Sounds amazing definitely interested in this event.

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