Scope of Work:
 Remove existing sinks and countertop
 Replace with two new enamel steel sinks and faucets
 Replace with u/wrap with backsplash laminate countertop with floor supports each end
 Replace mirror
 Repair drywall
 Paint walls and ceiling with two coats S/GLS latex
 Remove old toilets and stalls
 Replace with metal stalls (one must be wheelchair accessible with handicap support bars)
 Install commercial toilets
 Install fold-out change table
Free access to the waste disposal grounds will be given, provided waste materials are deposited in the proper locations on the grounds.


Scope of Work:
 Remove floor tile and replace with commercial grade sheet flooring (mechanical welded or chemical welded seams)
 Four-inch rubber base around walls
 Silicone sealant where base meets floor
 Repair drywall
 Paint walls and ceiling 2 coats S/GLS latex
 Remove and replace laminate on service counter
 Remove and replace countertops (with u/wrap and backsplash preformed laminate tops)
 Install glass board on walls 16” inch high behind countertops
 Install wash sink minimum of 6’ from existing sink
 Replace missing cabinet doors
 Repaint cabinets

Free access to the waste disposal grounds will be given, provided waste materials are deposited in the proper locations on the grounds. The completion date for both tenders is August 20th, 2017.

Bids must include a work plan, description of the materials to be used and qualifications of the individual(s) involved in the work, as well as a complete cost schedule including all applicable taxes. The bidding price must remain in effect for a minimum of 60 days from the closing date for this competition.
Ensure contact information, including phone number, email address, mailing address, and physical address is included in the submission so that you can be provided with updates that arise due to questions from bidders or in the event of any clarifications to the scope of work.
Any questions regarding this competition must be submitted in writing to the Town of Lynn Lake in any of the ways identified acceptable for bid submission so that questions and their answers can be shared with all actual and prospective bidders.
Selection: Tenders will be reviewed by Town Council in coordination with the Arena Board and evaluated according to their adherence to the scope of the work and compliance with the completion date and cost. Town Council reserves the right to not accept any of the submissions or to negotiate further with any or all of the bidders.

Payment: The work will be paid upon completion, with a 25% holdback for up to 30 days, pending inspection and assurance of adherence to the specifications set out, above.

Submissions: For questions regarding work requirements of each tender, and to submit a bid, please contact the Town Office at 204-356-2418,, visit, fax to 204-356-8297, mail to PO Box 100 Lynn Lake, MB R0B 0W0, or stop by 503 Sherritt Avenue. Amendments to submitted tenders will be accepted up until the closing of the competition and tenders may be withdrawn any time prior to their opening at the time of the competition closing.